SHED is one of the loveliest solons I’ve been in: understated, calming, not a lot of people, beautiful light filtering in… just a quieting, relaxing experience being in there without being ‘over the top’ in a self-conscious way. I’ve followed Edwin to The Shed over the past year and have really enjoyed it.

Great salon. I only counted 3 chairs in this place. I love that! It’s calm and not at all chaotic. I went to see Anna before the July 4th weekend because she was the only stylist that had any availability within an 8 week time span. I have long thick hair and lots of it. The kind that makes stylists squirm and start to do arm stretches when I walk in. Anna took me on like a champ. She was very sweet and asked a lot of questions which I appreciated. My cut came out great and I’m grateful for the great service and relaxing experience.

The place is a GEM!!! And it’s close to my work in Emeryville… SCORE! It’s such an intimate, classy, calming salon… worlds away from the chaos I’ve endured for years at other salons. They use uber high end products I can’t even pronounce… they’re so fancy and I love the layout of this place. Industrial, modern but still cozy. I got my hair did by Caroline who works here and at another high end salon in Berkeley. I have to say… I prefer Shed!! Caroline, btw, is amazing!!! A miracle worker of hair. I won’t see anyone else but her. As long as she is at Shed, I’ll keep coming here.

Shed is a fantastic salon, and a hair cut with Lisa will make you a believer. She’s a creative and talented stylist who sees the potential in your hair and will bring out your inner hair model. The salon has an open design and a modern feel, with a relaxed vibe and an easy to get to location. If you call to get an appointment with her and you can’t get in right away, don’t fret, she’s worth the wait and every penny. An appointment with Lisa at shed is an experience not to be missed.

I love Shed! Big time! I am particular about who cuts my hair and have gone through quite a few stylists, not because they were terrible but just because they weren’t quite the right fit. Lisa is the right fit! Finally! She LISTENS, doesn’t decide to just do the opposite of what you ask for and is technically brilliant. She makes great recommendations, knows how to style the hair after it has been cut and is incredibly pleasant to chat with while she works. I also can’t get over how lovely that atmosphere of the salon is. The decorating is very cool, the other stylists all seem to be loving their work and the clients are clearly content. I will NEVER  go somewhere else. Big hugs for the awesomeness that is Shed!

I’m not a man of style, nor am I a man that knows what he wants, especially when it comes to my haircut. After a slew of constantly disappointing hair cuts (only through my inability to communicate to my stylist) I decided to look for a good, consistent stylist that would be able to give me a good haircut, regardless of my ignorance and indecisiveness in the subject. A friend of mine recommended Anna at Shed. I have her an idea of what I wanted, but still wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted. I can honestly say I recieved one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had. Not only did she understand what I was going for, but actually improved on it. Afterwards, she styled it for me, gave me some recommendations on what products to use. Anna will be the only person cutting my hair from now on! I can’t say much about the rest of the employees, but they all seemed friendly and competent. Everyone I saw there seemed to be happy with their haircut.